Give us a call – you’ll be happy you did!

One of our most recent client sent us a bonus (never expected, but always grateful) for creating, in his words “a client for life!” This client (let’s call him Mr. Smith) was a bit skeptical never having met us other than a quick chat on the phone. But after only 1 month of our vacation home services, Mr. Smith informed us of how happy he was that he made that call to us. We not only check on his home weekly when he is away, we also receive deliveries for him and take directly to his home (when he’s here & when he’s gone). I’m proud to say that we have made his 2nd home ownership “worry free when he’s away & care free when he’s here!”

Hire a professional to watch over your home

There are many things that can go wrong while you’re away from your home during the winter months.  Ice, wind and snow storms can cause damage to your roof or rain gutters.  Frozen pipes can break and water leaks can damage the interior of your home.   And, an empty home can invite “would-be” intruders.  Your safest bet is to hire a professional to check on your home on a regular basis while you’re away.  Don’t let your “hard earned” property become unnecessarily damaged &/or ruined by letting the property sit vacant during your absence!

Let us “worry about your home this winter!”

Hi, If you have a second home here in The Gorge and it sits vacant for over 2 weeks, give us a call.  We provide worry-free & stress-free home ownership.  We don't require any contracts - our sole purpose is to take care of your property while … [Continue reading]

Blow out your irrigation

Hi, Remember to have your irrigation blown out before the freezing temperatures hit here in The Gorge.  We have contacts if you need a referral for this service. Best Regards, Jacque Johnston 541.490.8619 … [Continue reading]

Pre-Vacation Checklist

Do NOT rely nor burden your neighbors, family or friends to take on the responsibility of managing your home while you're off having fun!  Leave that to professional house sitters.  (Honestly, it's insulting that while you're off having fun, you're … [Continue reading]